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10 Major Difference Between Dietary and Herbal Supplements

05 July 2022

Organic, being the new “thing” in the market has made herbal supplements an emerging industry these days. Well why not? As there are numerous benefits of herbal supplements and they won’t cause side effects as the rest artificial supplements. You may find many Ayurvedic products in the name of herbal health supplements, but those are almost garbage. It is quite obvious that you cannot decide whether you need a dietary supplement or a herbal supplement, visiting a nutritionist will be a better option instead. Once you visit a nutritionist he/she will ask you few questions which you should prepare or assess beforehand some of them are:


  • How much water do you consume in a day?
  • Do you feel fatigued? 
  • Your sleep patterns, eating habits?
  • What is the ratio of healthy food v/s junk food? It is advised to keep a healthy ratio of 80:20 which simplifies to 4:1. 4 days of home-made food and 1 day for junk. 
  • Some questions might sound like, how often do you cut your nails or hair or blurry vision?
  • Some can be like the color or your urine or simply how does your tongue smells when you wake up?


Well, some questions might sound weird but these tell a lot about you, you should answer them honestly and be very observant about it. After a brief assessment he/she will suggest you some dietary or herbal supplements to alternate with your diet. Now what is the difference between dietary supplements and herbal supplements? In layman’s language dietary supplements are the supplements which are complemented with diet like gummies, powder, capsules etc while herbal supplements are supplements which are directly extracted by plants like teas, ointments, liquid extracts, and bath salts. 


Both of them are taken orally in the form of tablets, oils, supplements and you can find them from your nearest stores. We have come up with 10 major differences between dietary supplements and herbal supplements which are listed below:


  1. Organic: Herbal supplements are extracted from plants hence they’ll always be organic while dietary supplements are extracted from plants or sometimes made artificially through chemicals hence they are no always organic.

  2. Extraction: Herbal supplements are plant based like when you eat flax seeds, meethi or ginger you are extracting nutrition directly from plants while dietary supplements are if you are deficient in vitamin A you take tablets or tonic these fall into the category of dietary supplements.  

  3. Vegetarian: Herbal supplements are always vegetarian as they are extracted from plants while dietary supplements can be extracted from fish or bones of animals that is why they can be non vegetarian too.

  4. Time Duration: Herbal supplements usually take time to show results and you have to include them into your diet for a longer period of time but dietary supplements works a little faster than these.  

  5. Taste: Herbal supplements they are sometimes bitter in taste as you will have to eat them directly after washing while you have to swallow dietary supplements directly in the form of tablets so you’ll not know the taste.

  6. Availability: Both of them are available in the market, but in case of herbal supplements, you need to check the purity of the product as some companies dilute their Ayurvedic products as well.

  7. Price: Herbal supplements are a bit pricier when compared to dietary supplements but you should invest the money as if they are 100% pure you should go for it, while dietary supplements are a bit affordable to the pocket.

  8. Shelf Life: Dietary products last for a decent period of time and a descent amount of preservatives are added and sometimes they are packed with no preservatives while in the case of herbal supplements they can be plucked directly from the plants and consumed after washing with plain water.

  9. Patterns: sometimes you have to skip a certain type of food items when taking some dietary supplements like milk with fish oil is not advised to consume together, in case of herbal supplements some people mix them with their food or simple take them orally.

  10.  Benefits: Benefits of herbal supplements is that they don’t cause any side effects and are very natural while the dietary ingredients are also Ayurvedic products but don’t really give that much benefits as herbal ones give.


Both of them are very good for health but the question is always there that why do we need additional supplements and why can’t we just eat food on time, the simple answer is there is ‘hidden hunger’ in our diet. Now what is hidden hunger? It is associated with the body’s need to have more nutrients rich diet, as we all eat food daily but that is deficient in nutrients like protein, calcium and especially iron. Our body wants nutrients and what we serve it is junk food or may be just the regular food which we think is balanced but is not. So, one should either improve their quality of diet or include herbal supplements in their diet in order to meet with the nutrient requirements.


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