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Best Ayurvedic Spray for Joint Pain in India

02 August 2022

Joint pain has taken away a lot of joys from people. Mostly middle aged to aged people suffer from joint pain. However these days’ even kids are complaining for the same reason being poor nutrition and lesser exposure to sun which is vitamin D. Another major concern is less involvement in physical activities by children of young age. The muscles don’t get a chance to adjust to the required activity and eventually pain once they indulge into sports or any other physical activity. 


The best remedy is an instant joint pain spray, which one can easily spray on the affected area to get rid of the pain instantly. Now the question arises why to choose a chemical spry which will go away after some time and pain will come back. While choosing an Ayurvedic joint pain spray in India, one should be equally cautious as there is a smart marketing going on for the so-called natural ingredients. You must check the ingredients on the back side of the label. We at rishikul herbal make the best in class Ayurvedic joint pain spray in india. 


Pain relief spray by Rishikul Herbal is useful in Muscle Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain, and Inflammation gives instant and long lasting Pain Relief. An ayurvedic medicine which can be used to reduce Inflammation and Swelling around the affected muscles. It is made by blending of oils like Mahanarayan, Wintergreen, Tarpine, Til, Malkagani, Guggal, Mahamash, Panchguna, Kapoor and Pudina Sattva. These oils are very beneficial in fixing Muscle Tears, Joint Problems, to repair Cartilage and to Removes Stiffness in the Muscles. It causes no unnecessary irritation and burning on the skin, rather gives a Cool and Calming effect. The pack comes in an easy to use and Travel Friendly Bottle. We would further explain it by comparing with others. Why choose us over the leading brand?


Gives Instant Pain Relief


You will experience Instant Pain Relief just with just one Spray, will also prevent the pain from coming back and give support to the muscles. Just clean the affected area and spray the required amount.


Doesn’t Leave the White Residue

the Spray is free from Harmful Chemicals hence will not leave the White Patches after drying. As it is not chemical based it is oil based it will get absorbed in the skin as soon as you spray it.


Doesn’t Cause Irritation

The Spray will not cause Irritation on the Skin rather will give a Cool and Calming effect. Other sprays will cause redness and irritation for the sensitive skin as the chemicals react with the skin.


Made with All Ayurvedic Components

being 100% Herbal it will cause no side effects rather will give you Long Lasting Pain Relief. Being Ayurvedic it will take some time to be absorbed but once it is gone inside it will work on the root cause.


Herbal Oils


Oils like Mahanarayan, Wintergreen, Tarpine, Til, Malkagani, Guggal, Mahamash, Panchguna, Kapoor and Pudina Sattva are used. These oils were used in ancient Ayurvedic texts to cure joint ailments and inflammations.


If we talk about the other sprays we will observe that those are aerosols and will evaporate once sprayed on bare skin. For making them fast reacting and easy heavy chemicals and painkillers are used. These chemicals are not just bad for your skin but are bad if they get absorbed. These will give an instant cool effect on the skin and will give you relief but once you stop using them the pain will come back. While Rishikul Herbal’s pain relief spray on the other hand gives relief and will prevent the pain to come back.  


You can shop for the pain relief spray from amazon/ flipkart or from our official website. The spray can be bought alone or can be bought with the joint care complete kit if you have severe joint pain and have other health conditions like arthritis and inflammations.