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Do Glucosamine Supplements Actually Work for Arthritis?

26 June 2022

Looking for glucosamine supplements for arthritis in India? We’ve got you covered, we at Rishikul herbal make the best glucosamine supplement in India. But the question remains the same, do glucosamine supplements actually work for arthritis? Short answer, yes. Long answer, it will take a considerate amount of time to work but once it starts working it’ll do wonders. The answer lies in how does it work?

Glucosamine is a chemical made by the body. It also helps body to produce other chemicals. Chemicals that helps in secreting the liquid around the muscles and bones. As we age the liquid that helps the smooth movement of the muscles and bones, dries. Some people take medicines while some add nutrients through the diet. The liquid becomes as important as its absence may cause joint injuries, especially in the knees and sometimes even arthritis. 

medicine to descreaed joint pain

Arthritis not only triggers old age people but it does affects the young people too. Due to overuse of muscles and cartilages, people who play extreme sports are most likely to be triggered by it. Arthritis is a disease in which the joints get chronic inflammation. It not only affects the joints but other body systems like skin, eyes, heart and lungs. It causes bones erosion and deforms the shape making a zigzag pattern. Doctor will perform an MRI scan or an X ray scan to know if you have arthritis or not. Not everyone with joint pain has arthritis; here are some underlined early symptoms of arthritis:

  • Deformed Fingers: The most visible and easily accessible joints are located in our fingers. If someone feels pain or difficulty in holding things or just regular pain persists along with deformity, it can be an early sign of arthritis.

  • Dry Eyes & Mouth: If you are experiencing dryness in your eyes or mouth you are probably having some things wrong, try getting it tested.

  • Osteoarthritis: This is the most common type of arthritis, develops at the joint cartilages break down after you experience a lot of stress.

  • Gout: It is a disease that is caused when uric acid starts to accumulate near your joints. 

  • Genetics: If you have a history of arthritis in your family then keep you health in check and if you feel discomfort, consult a doctor.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis: It is a severe kind of inflammation that affects the people who are suffering from psoriasis. It leads to skin irritation and dry skin.

  • Juvenile Arthritis: This affects the children below 16 years of age. It makes the joints highly inflamed and causes pain.

  • Obesity: when a person gains weight, it attracts most of the diseases and one of them in arthritis. It puts on extra stain on the joints which leads to pain.                     

It is always advised to do a proper warm up before jumping into hardcore muscle activities like running, gym, dance, etc. sudden movement sometimes because muscle tears. Glucosamine generally has no serious side effects but usually people who are allergic to it complain about nausea, vomiting, headaches etc. Generally the side effects are not very serious and sometimes people don’t feel anything. But it is very important to choose the best glucosamine supplement for arthritis in India.

If we look into ayurveda certain ingredients like oils like mahanarayan, wintergreen, tarpine, til, malkagani, guggal, mahamash, panchguna, kapoor and pudina sattva are used to prepare medicines to give relief. In ancient times these plants were grown in households. These herbs were then further blended into oils and the oil was used to massage on the affected areas. These oils and Ayurvedic medicines used to take a longer but concrete relief from joint pain or arthritis. In modern days people want instant pain relief and for that they search for best glucosamine health supplements in India. Glucosamine supplements usually take a week to work. It is always advised to give it a week to set on your body, but it still works faster than the traditional aryurvedic techniques. 

However, if you want ayurveda and a dash of glucosamine you should try Rishikul Herbal’s Joint Care Complete Kit. It comes with joint relief capsule with glucosamine, which will help in building up of cartilages. The kit mainly focuses on the reduction of swelling and enhancing the flexibility of joints. All the ingredients are certified by Ayush, ISO, and GMP and are made in India. The Happy Joints Capsule works on joints pain, arthritis, spondylitis, and swelling. Similarly, King of Joints Capsules and joint relief capsules will work on easing the stiffness and encourages muscle movement. Anti-inflammatory in nature helps build up cartilage and beneficial in muscle tears. They have a unique blend of rhododendron, fenugreek, and curcumin in proportion of 3:1:1. It also has a pain relief spray to reduce inflammation and swelling around the effected muscles. It gives pain relief instantly. 

Other treatments like acupuncture, physiotherapy, and chiropractic therapy do work but there are chances that they will get much time consuming and not so pocket friendly. Choosing the right product becomes necessary as you need not to damage what you already have. When it comes to the personal beings everyone wants the best for themselves. Consult a doctor before hoping onto any treatment. He/she will tell you that you might be allergic to glucosamine, so you should go for some therapy and if glucosamine works well for you then you may have oral pills.