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Get Your Flow Back: Ways to Regulate Your Periods

16 July 2022

Isn’t it uncomfortable to have irregular periods? It feels even bad when you realize that the same will happen to you in your next monthly cycle. Women health and menstrual disorder is quite common these days as according to a survey nearly 60% of Indian women have some menstrual disorder at any given point of time.


An astonishing fact is even after such a big number why isn’t there a permanent cure for it yet. The answer is it a lifestyle disease. Now what’s a lifestyle disease, are you saying we have a bad lifestyle? No offense but yes, women with a bad lifestyle and disturbed patterns often suffer from these. Have you ever noticed why a healthy menstrual cycle has 28 days and why the lunar cycle has 28 days? Yes, we are comparing the lunar cycle with the menstrual cycle. In ancient ayurvedic texts it has been mentioned that a healthy woman’s menstrual cycle should be in sync with the moon’s phases. Ayurveda being so rich in knowledge had an answer for everything. Since we are associated with ayurveda we have made an herbal supplement for monthly periods.  We introduce you the Nari Nidhan capsules for women. It is an herbal supplement which is specifically designed for all menstrual and hormonal problems in women. 


The nari nidhan capsules have various benefits and are tried and tested in labs, here are few benefits in detail for your ready reference:


  1. Balances your Hormones- after continuous usage you will notice the results, it balances the Hormones and helps you with the Mood Swings.

  2. Reduces abdominal pain- pain due to Menstruation or PMS can be reduced by the medicine’s regular consumption.

  3. Increases the Estrogen level- due to fluctuations in Estrogen levels women tends to feel more irritated than normal the product will balance the Hormones making you feel comfortable.

  4. Made with Ayurvedic composition- product being 100% Ayurvedic gives long lasting results and has no side effects.

  5. Ingredients like Ashoka, Shatavari, Lodhra, Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Amlaki, Manjistha, Daruhaldi, Jivanti, Anantmool, Nagarmotha, Saptaparna are used.


The product has been tested in the labs and is one of the best ayurvedic product for PCOS/PCOD. Nari Nidhaan Capsules are useful in all Menstrual and all Fertility related problems in Women. The product is certified by ISO, Ayush, GMP and Halal. Tried and tested in labs and is safe for use. The repercussions are huge if it is ignored for a longer period of time. Problems like PCOS further causes infertility in women and sometimes uterine cancer. Have you wondered that what happens to the unfertilized egg when a woman doesn’t get her period? The egg remains in the ovaries and that causes cyst. These cysts accumulate over time and causes bigger problems like PCOS, PCOD and even infertility. 


However, if your period is not regular but the problem isn’t very serious or it is just because of stress, then you may not worry and can cure it with home remedies as well. You may include food items that helps your body produce more estrogen. Food items like flax seeds, ginger and turmeric are good for women’s health and menstrual disorders. Here we have prepared few natural ways to regulate your disturbed monthly cycle and get your flow back naturally. These ways were used in ancient ayurveda to cure menstrual problems at home and regulate periods.


  • Practice Yoga


Yoga has been proven to be an effective treatment for distinct menstrual issues. A study concludes that 35 to 40 mins of yoga, five days a week for six months diminished hormone ranges associated with abnormal menstruation. Yoga not only helps you have a regular menstrual cycle but also helps you have a healthy lifestyle. In ancient India people were indulged into physical activities and yet yoga was a tradition then. These days people are tied to their chairs and are not into physical work so yoga is highly recommended for such a scenario.


If you’re new to yoga, you could search for on line yoga motion pictures for beginners or level 1 yoga. This will teach you ways to correctly do numerous movements. YouTube is likewise full of loose motion pictures wherein licensed yoga teachers walk you through a full yoga exercise, making it smooth to keep up with a regular yoga practice in the comfort of your private home.


  • Keep Your Weight in Track


Changes on your weight can affect your period. If you’re in a larger body, dropping weight ought to help alter your periods. Alternatively, intense weight loss or being underweight can motive abnormal menstruation. That’s why it’s important to preserve a moderate weight. People who menstruate and have obesity also are much more likely to have irregular periods. For heavier bleeding and ache a little control of weight is necessary. This is due to the impact that fats cells have on hormones and insulin. If you want to lose weight, communicate along with your medical doctor. They assist you to become aware of a target weight and come up with a strategy of the way to get there. Yoga has additionally been proven to reduce menstrual pain and emotional symptoms related to menstruation, along with despair and tension, and enhance first-rate of life in women with primary dysmenorrhea.


*Note*Primary dysmenorrhea is a circumstance that reasons excessive ache earlier than and for the duration of menstrual intervals. It impacts 91 percent of girls of reproductive age, and it is able to be debilitating.


  • Ginger


Ginger is used as a home cure for treating abnormal durations. Ginger does seem to produce other advantages associated with menstruation, basically related to relieving ache. It helps in heavy menstrual bleeding showed that day by day ginger dietary supplements can also assist reduce the quantity of blood lost throughout menstruation. Taking 750 to 2,000 mg of ginger powder in the course of the primary three or four days of your length has also been shown to be an effective treatment for painful durations. Research found that taking ginger for 7 days before a duration relieved temper, physical, and behavioral signs of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It was tested that two hundred mg of ginger every six hours is effective in relieving pain in people with number one dysmenorrhea.


  • Cinnamon


Cinnamon seems to be beneficial for a variety of menstrual troubles. Research discovered it helped regulate menstrual cycles and changed into an effective treatment option for women with PCOS. It has also been shown to significantly reduce menstrual ache and bleeding, and relieve nausea and vomiting associated with primary dysmenorrhea. Cinnamon is commonly appeared as a secure and powerful natural treatment for young women with number one dysmenorrhea.


  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day


Research showed that consuming 15 ml of apple cider vinegar every day may additionally restore ovulatory menstruation in women with PCOS. Apple cider has a bitter taste, which may be tough for some humans to consume. If you want to strive taking it however have a tough time with the taste, you can try diluting it with water and including a tablespoon of honey. It helps you balance your hormones and helps women fight PCOS. However, it is not the best in taste and often avoided by women due to its bitter taste. You may always look out for an herbal supplement that does the same.