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Most Powerful Anti Cancer Supplement

11 July 2022

Cancer is one of the deadliest and most difficult to cure diseases that kills more than 10 million people every year. Can we cure cancer through supplements? No. Can we prevent cancer through supplements? Yes, of course. Firstly, what are supplements?


Supplements are the extracts from food and other natural resources. Supplements can be in powder form, pills form, and liquid form or can be in solid form. These supplements can be extracted from natural resources or even from chemicals as well. The chemical ones are harmful for sure which is why natural herbal supplements are preferred. If you’ve ever walked by way of the nutrition aisle of your neighborhood fitness or grocery shop, you may have observed what number of unique styles of nutrients and dietary supplements there are.


Dietary supplements are any form of nutrients, minerals, herbs, botanicals, and amino acids that you can devour or drink. People take supplements for distinctive motives. The fundamental function of nutritional dietary supplements is to do precisely what the name implies supplements are present food regimen. Vitamins and mineral drugs aren’t intended to take the region of a healthy and nutritious weight loss program.


Supplements can fill in the dietary gaps of your food plan, and can even help the body in stopping and helping within the remedy of ailments, such as cancer. When it comes to most cancers of any kind, it’s important to understand that no nutritional supplement can absolutely treat, cure, or prevent most cancers. However, there are some dietary supplements which could potentially help prevent cancer or help on your most cancers recuperation.


While many vitamins and minerals can advantage your fashionable health, there’s a huge market of unregulated dietary supplements that may provide no delivered gain for your fitness. Certain supplements even have the capacity to negatively impact most cancers remedies. This is due to the fact some dietary supplements can counteract medicines or scientific remedies. If you’re considering supplementing your diet with anti-cancer nutrients, always communicate in your doctor first.


Ayurveda suggests some of these herbal supplements to prevent/cure/ avoid cancer. However they don’t guarantee a permanent cure but they do help in most of the cases. Here are some exceptional supplements for cancer:


  • Acai Berry


The size and shape of acai berries doesn’t do justice to the benefits that it possesses. It has anti cancer properties, these are rich in anti oxidants which help in maintaining good health and even have proven anti cancer properties. Doctors advice chemo patients to include acai berries in their diet for faster recovery. It also slows down ageing as they  good source of vitamin C reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It slows down the ageing process and secreted the necessary hormones of skin to make it look firm. Acai berries acts as a natural immunity booster being rich in Vitamin C which will eventually boost you overall immunity and give you a pump for your regular activities. Makes you fit and active. These also lowers down cholesterol levels and is anti-oxidant in nature. Rich in anti oxidants which helps in destroying the overall free radicals throughout the body.

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  • Curcumin 


The curcumin is the yellow pigment compound found in turmeric which belongs to the ginger family. Curcumin is often combined with piperine and has many health benefits. Curcumin has a lot of medicinal properties. Curcumin is rich in anti cancer and anti tumor properties. They are also excellent anti oxidant agents. The curcumin prevents dyspepsia, osteoarthritis. Curcumin has anti inflammatory properties. It increases immunity naturally and is good for liver and enzymes. Some properties include maintaining good heart and good digestion. People are advised to include curcumin in their diet. 


  • Seabuckthorn Berry


Sea buckthorn is also known as hippophae rhamnoides is a plant found in Asia and Europe its leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits are medicinal in nature. The juice is rich in omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It is known for its anti-cancer properties which is why people call it the sanjeevani booti from the Himalayas. Helpful in good heart health, diabetes, and good skin texture. It is a good source of natural immunity booster and works well with eyesight or dry eyes. Regular consumption of sea buckthorn berries ensures promising heart health. It also helps in controlling diabetes.  It gives a good skin texture.

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  • Flax Seed


Most humans use fish oil supplements to enhance the quantity of omega-3s in their food regimen. However, fish oil changed to probably lessen the effectiveness of chemotherapy, and because of this flax seed is a worth opportunity. Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may additionally lessen the threat of certain cancers. When supplementing, try and keep away from flaxseed oil because it lacks the nutrients of flax seed. Flax seed may be purchased online or located in many larger grocery keep chains. Simply sprinkle some flax seed to your food and enjoy.


  • Garlic


Garlic is a first-rate desire on the subject of giving your frame a little more protection. To gain the advantages of garlic, you ought to eat one clove according to day, or 300 milligrams (mg) of garlic extract. It has antibacterial properties. It blocks and halts the activation of most cancer-causing materials. If you have cancer then this will also help you to reduce its spreading in other parts of the body. 


  • Ginger


Ginger is usually recommended to play a beneficial role towards most cancers due to its anti inflammatory and anti-nausea properties. When it involves including ginger to your weight-reduction plan, ginger supplements may be too concentrated and aren’t encouraged. Instead, break up and upload sparkling ginger root to a meal or purchase ginger candy for a fast snack. Avoid excessive amounts of ginger, as it can have interaction with blood thinners and affect certain human’s blood sugar ranges. All the remedies can be done in doctor’s supervision to avoid any clashes with the medicine.


  • Green Tea


Green tea is an exceptional antioxidant, and research shows the residences of green tea help protect against metastasis of sure forms of most cancers. Green tea additionally includes chemicals called polyphenols which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory residences. If you have most cancers, consider drinking up to 3 cups of tea consistent with the day to enjoy the advantages. Green tea pills are also to be had but may be too concentrated. So one should boil some water and make green tea to drink. Other than that green tea is also good for metabolism, skin, and digestion.


These were some home remedies suggested by Ayurveda, they are slow and will take time to show results as Ayurveda works from the root, however do not follow any of these blindly and consult your doctor before adding these to your schedule.