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Description: Due to low levels of testosterone, low stamina and vigor most men are unable to enjoy the pleasures in their personal life, Casanova Power Booster Capsule are a  blend of super food supplements that have long been known to increase strength, power, and stamina by eliminating disorder/ defects and helps in increasing  power, stamina and vitality.

Product Benefits:It Contains Shilajit which increases the men's hormone which helps in better performance as it  is the greatest herbal source for boosting stamina.  It has Shatavari and Safed musli which helps in eliminating problem of premature ejaculation, performance and also helps with stronger erection during intercourse.

Who can take it: Men who feel a lack of stamina or energy and also suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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What is special about Rishikul herbal?

We offer you world class products which are high in quality • 100% herbal • Long lasting results • No artificial flavors • No side effects • Made in India • Multiple certifications like GMP, AYUSH, FSSAI, ISO and halal.

Why should you choose our products?

There are plenty of brands in the market which offer you the range of products. If you see their ingredients and the list of chemical preservatives you’ll realize being herbal is not just adding Ayurvedic herbs to the products. When we say we are 100% herbal we mean we mean it, and that is why you should choose us over others.

What people think about Rishikul Herbal’s Products ?

We have a happy customer base all over India, you can check the testimonials we have shared on the website. Our customers love us and we love them too. We have a steady rate of 50% customers retention